Art Advisory Services

Advisory Goals

  • Identify the client’s vision and desire to build a specific collection
  • Maximize client’s funds to acquire artworks of the highest quality and value
  • Establish collection venues: residential, corporate, foundation, private museum and outdoor site 


  • Advise clients to acquire superior artworks including paintings, sculpture, drawings, photographs, installation and video art 
  • Foster an ongoing dialogue with clients to connect with top museum exhibitions, key art fairs, major art galleries, auction houses and artists

Advisory Services

  • Analyze and research the market for artworks of excellence, and their historical position and potential investment possibility 
  • Consultation with conservators for in-depth condition reports
  • Organization of acquisitions including shipping, insurance and installation


  • Member of Appraisal Association of America (AAA)
  • USPAP certified to perform objective  valuations for insurance, estate tax, charitable donations, equitable distribution and liquidation purposes
  •  Specializations: Impressionist & Modern Paintings, Drawings & Sculpture, Post War, Contemporary and Emerging Art

Collection Management

  • Organize and supervise loan requests from museums
  • Maintain database of clients’ collections
  • Advise clients for resale either privately or through auction
  • Curate private exhibitions and foundations