Art update

Cao Fei

Organized by Klaus Biesenbach, director of Moma PS1 and Chief Curator at Large, Moma, Cao Fei’s exhibition is her first solo museum show in the US. Born in 1981 in Guangzhou after the Cultural Revolution and based in Beijing, Fei is “one of the most innovative young artists to have emerged from China.” To explore the experiences of her generation, she has created exquisite multimedia projects that address the realities of a fast moving and chaotic society. The work is installed in the First Floor Main Galleries and includes video, photography, sculpture, and installation.

The relationship between fantasy and reality permeates much of Cao’s work. La Town, RMB City and Whose Utopia? are my favorites. In RMB City, Cao creates an avatar named “China Tracy”, similar to Jon Rafman’s avatar, “Cool-Aid Man”, where both artists develop a virtual world in the online role-playing game (RPG) Second Life. They differ in their concepts although using the same technological base. Cao is obsessed with the virtual life and the possibility of creating a new reality, SL. Jon is obsessed by the repercussions of the digital age and how it affects his generation. Both artists deal with the dystopic communities and the dehumanization of society.



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