Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony

Tom Sachs is the first artist to be exhibited at the Noguchi Museum in Queens, “Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony”  which was founded by the Japanese-American Isamu Noguchi to preserve and exhibit his art in 1985.  The Noguchi Museum’s policy to include more artists will enhance its attendance in the future.


While “Noguchi always aimed for an organic unification of forms and materials, Mr. Sachs organizes aggregations of distinct mostly prefabricated materials”. This contrast is witnessed throughout the entire exhibition and it is Tom’s long-standing fascination with “chanoyu”, the Japanese Tea Ceremony that unites the two artists.  As you may recall, he included a Japanese tearoom in his “Space Program: Mars” at the Park Avenue Armory in 2012. He spent two years creating the traditional bowl for drinking called “chawan”. The tea ceremonies Sachs performed in his studio sparked the dialogue with Noguchi in this stunning site-specific installation.



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