Jeppe Hein at Brookln Bridge Park


Jeppe Hein with the author. Photo courtesy of Peter Hollyer.

We arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday afternoon to meet the Danish artist Jeppe Hein at his “Please Touch the Art” opening presented by the Public Art Fund. The 18 sculptures are meant to engage visitors and offer the opportunity to interact with the playfully designed works.

At first glance there were swarms of children splashing in the fountain sculpture “Appearing Rooms, that create “rooms” when the water shoots up and cascades down.  Glees of laughter and shrieks of joy were heard everywhere.
Walking further into park, we came across the orange-red benches, “Modified Social Benches”  where one could sit on and children could slide down from either side.  Finally we were able to spot “Mirror Labyrinth NY”,  an installation of mirrored columns where many people marveled at their own images while walking and finding their way through the labyrinth.

Mirror Labyrinth NY by Jeppe Hein. Photo by author.

We caught up with the artist who revels in creating works that inspire the viewer to gaze inwards and explore the self by engaging in the work. Jeppe’s message is one of inspiration, clarity, and contentment.

ALL WE NEED IS INSIDE by Jeppe Hein. Image courtesy of 303 Gallery