Urs Fischer’s LES Pop-Up!

Last Supper_IMG_2050

Urs Fischer, Last Supper, 2014. Cast bronze. photos by Craig Dix

On Thursday, I attended the two-part exhibition opening for the Swiss sculptor Urs Fischer. The first part of the evening took place at the new uptown Gagosian space on Park & 75th Street. Inside the new space was the show’s title work Last Supper, Fischer’s substantial religious themed sculpture.

As we were leaving the uptown space we were invited to take a private bus downtown to Gagosian’s pop up location on Delancey Street to take in the second part of the exhibition titled “Mermaid pig bro w/ hat”.


Urs Fischer, Mermaid, 2014. Cast bronze.

The “pop-up” location is not what one would expect from Larry Gagosian, who is known for his pristine white wall gallery spaces. Urs Fischer’s vivacious sculptures can be found amongst the ruins of what used to be a Chase bank location. Corporate signage still graces the walls and shells of ATMs still line the entrance vestibule.

According to the show’s press release “the exhibition is directly related to the vast and extraordinary installation YES, which Fischer made on-site at the Geffen Contemporary in 2013 together with 1,500 participants, parallel to his survey exhibition at MOCA.” The juxtaposition of Fischer’s animated sculptures amongst the corporate ruins is quite remarkable and engaging.


Urs Fischer, Boy w/ Tongue. 2014. Cast bronze.