Art update

Jordan Wolfson at David Zwirner


Installation view of Jordan Wolfson at David Zwirner. photo by author

Jordan Wolfson’s animatronic sculpture at David Zwirner this weekend blew my mind.  Wolfson is best known for his intriguing works in a plethora of media including video, photography and sculpture through which he uses influences from technology, advertising and the world around him to create narratives. When I first entered the space the gallery director (who can be spotted in the mirror above) told me the “performer” was getting ready after taking a break between performances. The way she spoke, I had expected to see a live performance. I was flabbergasted when an animatronic sculpture in the shape of a woman entered the gallery space and took its place in front of the mirror. It is able to follow the gaze of the viewers that interact with it as they move around the room. I commented that the way it was dressed and its long blonde hair reminded me of Lady Gaga and just like that Lady Gaga’s Applause started to play and it began to dance. It really was an absolutely extraordinary interactive installation that I recommend everyone takes the time to check out.