Art update

MAN MADE Jean-Michel Basquiat

Arrived last night at Sotheby’s private S|2 exhibition to attend the opening of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s show entitled “MAN MADE”, hosted by entertainment mogul Swizz Beatz with his elegant and talented wife Alicia Keys.  

Swizz spoke of his affection and admiration for “Jean” and introduced Fab Freddy, a fellow graffiti artist. Swizz praised the artist to the energized crowd, (apparently Beatz tweeted that he was going to the Basquiat opening to his 1.6M followers and tons of people showed up only to be halted at the door for fear of overcrowding).
His message to the crowd was to enjoy the art on the walls and to encourage people to become artists and express themselves. He said all artists need to express themselves as do all musicians. Basquiat is a hero to the hip hop music world and his work continuously enthralls new fans! He is a true legend in the art world.