Art update

Tracey Emin’s "LOVE IS WHAT YOU WANT" at the Hayward Gallery

London’s Hayward Gallery boasted Tracey Emin’s “LOVE IS WHAT YOU WANT” (until August 29th). I had the privilege of touring this exceptional show with Cliff Lauson, one of the curators, which made it all the more fascinating.
The entire museum is taken over for Emin’s first substantial survey exhibition of over 150 works. Emin’s trials and tribulations in her life have been the inspiration for her subject matter. She suffered intensely in her early childhood and continues to battle her demons publicly. She courageously expresses her anger, fears, issues of abandonment, love and desire through the various media she has chosen including sculpture, painting, drawing, photographs and video (appliqué blankets and embroideries, wooden sculpture and neon signs). 

Influenced by Edvard Munch, Egon Schiele and Louise Bourgeois, she touches on taboo subjects and often shocks the viewer in her raw explicitness and language. In the sharing of the traumatic events in her life and letting it all hang out, Tracey triumphs and comes out on top!
Meeting Tracey Emin at her book signing that same day was the absolute highlight. “My Life in a Column” published by Rizzoli, is based on the four years she wrote a weekly column for “The Independent” newspaper. It is a “no holds barred” chronicle of the contemporary art world and her personal life expressed in her totally honest fashion. It’s a must read!  

Tracey Emin is one of the most renowned British artists of her generation.