Art update

Julian Schnabel’s "Miral" at TIFF

Last evening was the screening of Julian Schnabel’s new film “Miral” at Toronto International Film Festival. The film was moving and demanded that the audience look into Rula Jebreal’s life as a young Palestinian girl, the challenges she faced and the adversities she overcame. 

In chatting with Rula afterwards, she mentioned how she met Julian in Rome at a gallery opening a few years ago. When he invited her to join him and friends for lunch, she gave him a copy of her book “Miral”. He was totally enthralled and wished to do a movie of her story. She is truly a remarkable woman of great courage and power.  
She said “I am still concerned about the many “Mirals” living in Palestine today.
The timing of this film is ideal, as we are being offered an insight how to envision a new world, where understanding, respect and peace may prevail, as seen through the eyes of a Jewish filmmaker and an Arabic journalist.